OrthoSport's RunFit Program

Biomechanical Evaluation & Running Analysis

The OrthoSport RunFit program is a comprehensive physical and video running evaluation that analyzes your technique as well as your functional strength and flexibility.  We then provide feedback on how to modify your technique and your exercise program to address any problems that are identified.

Our RunFit trainers are licensed physical therapists that specialize in orthopedics and sports.  They have extensive experience and knowledge of the most current research on optimal running technique, and various running methods including:
  • Pose Running
  • Chi Running
  • Evolution Running
  • Barefoot Running 


Please note that while well versed in these methods, we do not purport to be teaching you any specific method noted above.  Rather we will develop an individualized approach which will incorporate stylistic components of the most appropriate running methods along with exercises and drills that will address your specific areas of concern. 


Who can benefit from RunFit?


  • Recreational runners who have been injured and want to resume running without re-injury
  • Athletes entering half or full-marathon training programs
  • The chronically injured (and frustrated) runner
  • The sidelined athlete who has given up running
  • Competitive runners / triathletes who want to run faster and avoid injury


What makes RunFit different?


  • The caliber of our RunFit trainers is unparalleled combining the knowledge and insight of fully licensed physical therapist’s with the training and experience of a well versed running coach.
  • RunFit trainers do more than just observe and analyze you, they run together with you, demonstrating drills on the move, and giving you feedback.
  • Video analysis is done with you underway on the pavement or grass, rather than by putting you on a treadmill which can be unnatural and alter the mechanics of your run considerably.  





RunFit: $195.00*

  • 2 hour session
  • Slow motion video analysis and biomechanical assessment
  • Comprehensive physical evaluation of strength & flexibility
  • Foot, ankle, knee, and hip screen for dysfunction
  • Running shoe assessment & recommendations
  • Essential technique modification and training instruction
  • Custom home exercise program



Optional 60 minute follow-up sessions focused on technique refinement and advanced technique training are available separately or as discount packages.



* Please note that all sports performance programs are billed to the client directly. We do not submit to insurance for these services. A prescription is NOT required. A 10% discount will apply to sports performance programs for members of OrthoSport sponsored teams & events. 


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