Land-Based Therapy

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Our clinic has a fully equipped gym for land-based resistance and cardiovascular training. Frequently the conditions we treat respond well to a gradual transition from the gravity reduced aquatic environment to load bearing land based activities. With the equipment we have at hand, we are able to vary your body's weight-bearing load, which allows you to become progressively stronger without aggravating your symptoms.


Our goal is to provide functional based treatment that is directed towards decreasing pain levels and increasing your body's activity tolerance and ability. We also have private treatment rooms as well, that are used for administering therapeutic modalities and traction which complement therapeutic exercise and hands-on treatment interventions.


Our physical therapists have been extensively trained in a variety of stabilization and strength training techniques including:

  • Core / spine stabilization
  • Shoulder stabilization
  • Post-surgical mobilization & strengthening
  • Global postural re-education
  • Endurance, agilities, and interval training
  • Progressive resistance and Bodyweight strength training.


At OrthoSport Hawaii, we also utilize advanced evidence based research into our treatment approach, including:

  • Eccentric load training for tendonitis
  • Closed kinetic chain exercises
  • Plyometrics and agility drills
  • Balance and proprioception training
  • Neuromuscular re-education techniques

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